Socks factory

Socks factory "Udarnik" on auction on June 20th

Privatization Agency will offer Zrenjanin-based socks factory "Udarnik" for sale on auction on June 20th at the starting price of 27.6m RSD.

The property of this factory includes, among the rest, two production halls at total surface of 5,732 square meters, coloring unit, the unit for final processing, sorting room, warehouse for ready-made products, administrative building, the complex of storage space and stores in New Belgrade in Palmira Toljatija Street.

There is also equipment for weaving of women's, men's and kids' socks, as well as equipment for mechanical and thermal processing.

According to the data from the public invitation, total estimated value of the capital that will be priatized (52.96%) is 115.08m RSD or 1.43m EUR.

Total business incomes in 2007 amounted to 80.2m EUR, while the expenses reached 162.2m RSD.

Let us remind that the privatization of "Udarnik" was carried out in the 1990's and that the Zrenjanin socks factory was included in the business registry as private-owned stock company in 1993.

Ministry of Economy challenged the evaluation of capital in 2005, which was followed by the introduction of new ownership structure and ownership relations.

The company currently has 200 workers.