Deadline for bids for

Deadline for bids for "Kablovi" extended until June 13th

Privatization Agency of Serbia has extended the deadline for submission of bids for procurement of Cable industry in Jagodina until June 13th and that was confirmed in the trade union of that company.

Prior to May 20th, tender documentation for privatization of "Kablovi" had been bought by five companies, three of which from Russia, one from Belarus and one from Switzerland. They paid 8,000 EUR each and "gained the right on insight into operations and property of the company".

The companies from Russia and Belarus deal with production of cables, while the Swiss company is from the domain of finance.

Participant in the tender for procurement of 100% of public capital, according to the propositions set by the Privatization Agency, “must deal with production of insulated wire or cables for minimum three years and its business income in 2007 must amount to, at least, 65,000,000 EUR. If the participant is a financial investor, its total business assets in 2007 must be worth more than 100,000,000 EUR.