Long history great future for  “Milan Blagojevic – Namenska” factory in Lucani

Long history great future for “Milan Blagojevic – Namenska” factory in Lucani

On occasion of 60 years celebration of “Milan Blagojevic – Namenska” defense factory in Lucani, Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac, addressing the present audience at the ceremonial academy, emphasized that Ministry’s management, during its every visit abroad, tended to promote and therefore strengthen up our defence industry.

The Minister mentioned examples of such partner countries as Turkey, Iraq, Kenya and India, underlining that with the defence industry exports, the total foreign trade deficit in Serbia was in a decline. He voiced his expectations that the government’s support measures to the export-oriented companies would also help the factory in Lucani.

Minister Sutanovac pointed out that the factory was taking the important place in the country’s industry. Acquisition of new technologies and assortments, especially the three-based gunpowder, should expand the list of customers. By exporting its technologies “Milan Blagojevic – Namenska” represents Serbia in 26 countries worldwide, said the Minister and added that the Ministry of Defence was giving important notice to the Defence industry, expecting that these measures were already taking effects in the factories.

After the ceremony, during the media conference, Minister emphasized that the economic crisis probably would not have any effect on our defence industry and that this year’s export would reach $300 million. He added that defence system would not be able to buy all the products from some factories of our defence industry, but that it would make possible adequate treatment of those companies in the Ministry of economy and with the partners abroad. Sutanovac has pointed out that the subsidies given by the Serbian Government, with the 3 percent interest rate, instead of 24 percent, would improve business results in the companies of defence industry taking subsidies.

The Director of the factory “Milan Blagojevic – Namenska” Rados Milovanovic said that it was almost certain that in this year the company would make $27 million worth of exports, which is a record in the last decade. He pointed out that the factory was attempting to enlarge its capacities and to streamline its technology. Milovanovic thanked the Ministry of Defence and Minister Sutanovac for helping in the promotion and conclusion of export businesses.

Minister Sutanovac with his co-workers toured the production facilities of the factory in Lucane today, where he was introduced to the modern gunpowder production technology. Sutanovac, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, also accepted the “Milan Blagojevic – Namenska” acknowledgement for the development, contribution and extraordinary cooperation.

The representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, local government, and other factories of defence industry, foreign partners and numerous guests attended the 60th year jubilee celebration in Lucani.

“Milan Blagojevic-Namenska” JSC – Lucani company is a part of Serbian Defence Industry and today it presents one of the world’s most respectable producers in the gunpowder and explosives area. It works as a closed joint stock company in with the state ownership of 67,78 % , employing 1000 workers.

“Milan Blagojevic-Namenska” company exports in 26 countries worldwide– Europe, Asia, North and South America.