Bulgaria's Timber Industry Back to Pre-Crises Levels

Bulgaria's Timber Industry Back to Pre-Crises Levels

Bulgaria's timber industry has almost reached pre-crisis levels. Photo by brod-da.com Bulgaria’s timber industry grew by 50% in the first four months of 2010 year-on-year.

According to data announced by the State Forestry Agency, a total of 917 000 cubic meters of timber were extracted in Bulgaria in January-April.

The Forestry Agency has pointed out that the figure is only 6% than the total volume of timber extracted in the first four months of 2008, which was very strong for the industry.

The statistics does not account for illegal timber extraction activities.
Croatia introduces E-health system
Croatian Times

The Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Care and Ericsson Nikola Tesla company have presented a joint e-health programme.

The initiative put forward today (Mon) in Gospic, central Croatia is the first step in the digitalisation of the Primary Medical Care System in Croatia to be introduced completely by January 2011.

The pilot project has been conducted in central and north Croatia, and until the end of the year should connect all 6,000 Primary Medical Care ambulances in Croatia.

The project worth 55 million kunas or 7.56 million Euros should eliminate "paper" communication between doctors and patients.