Madlena Zepter donates EUR 30 millions for Serbian culture

Madlena Zepter donates EUR 30 millions for Serbian culture

When one wants to do something one finds way how to do it. When one does not want to do anything, one finds excuse not to do it’, Madlena Zepter, the first laureate of the ‘Golden Wreath’ award says.
This award has been established by the Serbian Ministry of culture for contribution to development of Serbian culture through donation. Ms Zepter deserved this award by founding institutions and funds and participating in a series of cultural projects.
She has invested over EUR 30 millions.

Even before presentation of this award it was known that Ms Zepter is one of the biggest donors in culture. She, however points out that she only wanted ‘to continue Serbian tradition of charity.

‘Endowment is my specific concept of communication with all people of Europe and the world. I wanted to continue our forgotten but at some time in the past beautiful and strong tradition. My endowment is meant for free people, creators of the artistic spirit of Belgrade’, she says.

She has graduated from the Faculty of Philology where she met her husband Milan in 1971. ‘I remember to have thought that he was a man with many worlds inside him and that the world shall one day see for sure at least some of ideas he was carrying in him. I have his great support in all of my activities’, Ms Zepter says. Since 1980 they have been living and working abroad. They have created the ‘Zepter’ business empire.

Her fund has provided scholarships for several hundreds of young people and helped in realization of a series of projects.

In 1997 she founded the ‘Madlenianum’ opera and theatre as the first private institution of that kind in Europe. ‘I wanted to establish a place for gathering of the leading world artists. By presenting their creative potential here they were making our culture richer’, she said.

Her affinity for literature was the motif to establish European literary award as well as domestic literary award ‘Female Feather’. She has also established the ‘Zepter International Design Award – Artzept’.