Syria is interested in extension of Romania - Turkey submarine cable project

Syria is interested in extension of Romania - Turkey submarine cable project

Syria is interested in developing a strategic project of electricity transport through the extension of the submarine cable project, set to connect Romania to Turkey, and its development in the Arab states, Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to Bucharest, Dr. Walid Othman, told AGERPRES on the occasion of an economic seminar Syria - Romania.

'Syria is keen to develop a project on power grids. Romania and Turkey are engaged in the submarine cable project linking the two countries. Syria can further develop this project and can connect the states in the Arab zone. It is a major strategic project ', highlighted the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to Bucharest.

The idea of the undersea cable project was subject of some preliminary agreements between the Romanian and Turkish authorities and aims to facilitate trade in electricity between the two countries, mainly to meet the growing electricity consumption in Turkey, as well as to value Romania's export potential, which is significantly growing due to the new 'greenfield' type projects in Dobrogea area.

The Syrian official stressed the importance of Syria's good economic relations with the Arab and European states.

'Syria is negotiating with the European Commission in the hope of signing a Syrian-European partnership agreement. These negotiations have reached an advanced stage of preparation for the signing of this Agreement. In this area, Syria appreciates a lot the role played by Romania as a friendly country and member of the EU in the backing up process of the signing of this Agreement, which respects and ensures the interests of both sides ', he added.

Syria's GDP amounted to 17.16 billion euros, according to statistics presented during the aforementioned event. Estimated total revenues will reach 11 billion euros in 2011. Private sector contribution accounts for 65 percent of the Syrian economy.