Macedonian writers at Leipzig Book Fair

Macedonian writers at Leipzig Book Fair

Seven Macedonian writers will take part at the Book Fair in Leipzig between March 16-21 and a total of thirty contemporary Macedonian writers are to presented through a catalogue titled "Spring Little Book on Leipzig", including excerpt from their works and personal information translated into German.

Vlada Urosevic, Liljana Dirjan, Nikola Madzirov, Vladimir Jankovski, Rober Alagjozovski, Milan Mijalkovic and Katarina Urbanek will participate at several fair programmes, such as Coffee Europe, Focus on Southeast Europe and Balkan Rocks.

Rober Alagjozovski, the coordinator of Macedonia's presentation at the Leipzig fair, told Monday a news conference that the idea was to make a literary product for literary audiences.

"We thought that by being useful for authors, we would present Macedonia in the best possible way. Today's literary scene is uncompromising. It is not interested into national categories at all. Fans want something fresh and contemporary. Thus, I tried to make a kind of a national selection of writers that might be interesting for the literary public in Germany," said Alagjozovski.

He noted that this year's presentation, involving the biggest number of participants so far, was an opportunity for Macedonia to pave a way to be the focus of the fair in two or three years' time, following the example of Serbia - this year's focus of the book fair.

"In order to achieve that, institutional support is crucial. By changing the coordinators every year, the project constantly starts from scratch and preparations for fair presentation depends on that," Alagjozovski stated.

Macedonia's literary presentation at the fair is supported by Traduki Foundation - an European network for literature from Southeast Europe in German, the Goethe Institute and the Ministry of Culture.