Antitank system Bumbar new export chance

Antitank system Bumbar new export chance

Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac expressed his hope that the light antitank system Bumbar (bumblebee) will be a new export chance and that during the summer it will start to be used in the Serbian Army.
After visiting the company Krusik in Valjevo, Sutanovac underlined that the export price of Bumbar is yet to be negotiated, but it is known that it will be two to three times cheaper than similar weapons produced by France.

The final tests of this missile system will be completed in June or July, after which it will come into use in the Serbian Army.

The Minister added that this weapon will have one price for the Serbian Army and the other for export.

Director-General of Krusik Jovan Damjanovic stated that the projected price of Bumbar is approximately €35,000, while similar weapons produced by France cost € 90,000.

The development of this missile system that works at short range and from a closed area began in 1994, but was slowed down at one point and then three and a half years ago was re-started.

Serbian Army Chief of General Staff Lieutenant-General Ljubisa Dikovic also visited the company Krusik together with Minister Sutanovac.