First tick bite victim dies in Sibiu

First tick bite victim dies in Sibiu

Former ethnic German journalist Rudy Kamla is the first Sibiu local to die from several complications, among which paralysis and blindness, after having been bitten by a tick four years ago, director of the Local Labour Inspector's Office, Francisk Torok, a friend of the victim, told Agerpres.

'I regret I have to break such news. After having learned of what happened to my friend, I decided to start an information and prevention campaign among the personnel exposed to the risk of tick bite, in Sibiu, a week ago', Torok said.

Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the Sibiu County Emergency Clinical Hospital, Dr. Victora Birlutiu, told Agerpres: 'The tick bite causing Lyme disease can lead to neurological complications and the proof of this is a Sibiu ranger who paralysed three years ago, and to death'.

The central Sibiu county has the highest number of tick-bitten and Lyme-disease patients in Romania; they were bitten more than three years ago. As many as 287 Sibiu locals reached hospital because of tick bite since the beginning of the year, Sibiu County Clinical Hospital spokesman Decebal Todarita told Agerpres.

A number of 362 Sibiu residents were bitten by ticks in 2011 and another 176 in 2010.

The number of the Lyme-disease patients is also on the rise in Sibiu county. While 69 residents found out they had the disease in 2010, their number went up to 161 last year, according to the Sibiu Public Health Department.

The Emergency Unit of Sibiu County Clinical Hospital even reported as many as 20 cases of tick-bitten people a day this year, Todarita said.