Serbia's IT market is worth about EUR 400 million

Serbia's IT market is worth about EUR 400 million

This year's value of Serbia's information technologies (IT) market has reached EUR 400 million, Serbian Minister of Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic has said.

This is less than last year, and the record EUR 545 million was hit in 2008, Ljajic told a press conference on the development potentials of the domestic IT industry Monday.

“Serbia invests only EUR 60 per capita in the ICT (information and communication technology) sector, which is at the level of Bulgaria and Romania, but significantly less than Croatia's EUR 200 or the average in the developed countries of Western Europe, which goes up to EUR 800,” said Ljajic.

Last year, Serbia exported EUR 240 million worth of software, exporting more software than raspberries, the exports of which amounted to around EUR 140 million, for the first time, he said.

“If we bear in mind that all of this export is made possible by people working in the IT sector, about 6,000 of them, then you can see the importance of the contribution the IT industry makes to our economy and economic recovery,” the minister said.

Speaking about the problems in this sector, Ljajic said that a major one was piracy, adding that the IT piracy rate had been reduced from 74 to 72 percent.

“While some may consider the two percent insignificant, they account for EUR 24 million in savings. It can be seen from this that piracy is still a huge and important problem,” said Ljajic.

Ljajic said that the state administration could aid the development in this area by simplifying IT business procedures and by helping about 1,100 software exporters.