Drug kingpin Naser Kelmendi arrested in Prishtina

Drug kingpin Naser Kelmendi arrested in Prishtina

Kosovo police confirmed that they arrested Naser Kelmendi, a Kosovo citizen from Peja, but with citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who heads a list of fugitives issued by Interpol.

"Yesterday, on May 5, 2013, at around 20:00 pm, Kosovo police conducted an operation and arrested two persons. The arrested person with an international arrest warrant is Naser Kelmendi, while the other person has allegedly offered help to the person who was wanted by law enforcement agencies," said Brahim Sadri, Kosovo Police Spokesman.

Kelmendi has been in the Interpol list of the most wanted for a long time, while the U.S. administration has included him in the list of the most dangerous fugitives.

"The police operation was carried out in the Prishtina region, where raids were also conducted in two houses, which are suspected to have been used earlier by the persons who are now under arrest. Material evidences were also seized, including two cars which are thought to have been used by the arrested," he said.

Kelmendi, labeled as the Balkans drug kingpin, was arrested by numerous police forces and is now inside a detention center.