Serbia starts exporting cars to U.S. once again

Serbia starts exporting cars to U.S. once again

State Secretary at the Serbian Ministry of Finance and Economy Aleksandar Ljubic said on Friday that, after many years, Serbia starts exporting cars to the U.S. once again.

In a live broadcast on Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS), Ljubic said that 3,000 cars will set off from the Bar port in Montenegro to the U.S. these days, but that is just the first shipment, as Fiat plans to transport to America 3,000 vehicles a month.

Ljubic explained that this shipment will contain the model Fiat 500L, voicing hope that another model 500XL, which will be launched in late May or early June, will also appeal to customers in the U.S.

Besides the automotive industry and IT technology, intensive talks are ongoing to ensure that Serbia has a semi-conductors plant in its own territory, “the second largest in Europe,” he added.

Ljubic said that efforts are being made to make Serbia an attractive location for big world companies.
“Today, there is not a single investor that has left Serbia,” Ljubic said.

The state secretary underscored that Serbia needs an arrangement with the International Monetary Fund, primarily as a confirmation of all reforms that are being carried out.