New Customs Terminal in Tirana

New Customs Terminal in Tirana

The new Customs Terminal in Tirana has a 75.000 ha territory and according to experts is the biggest in Balkan.

“This space offers 12 posts to 12 trailers at the same time. The storage space is more than 10.000 square meters and the vehicles can move freely, allowing the administration and inspection tasks to flow better”, declared Bujar Vukaj, Director of the Tirana Customs.

This 25 million USD investment from the “Continental” Company, part of the Kastrati Group, will make the procedures run three times faster.

“This will accelerate all operations by eliminating delays”, declared Xhavit Domi, Customs Agent.

“This is a relief for business, because it has the necessary spaces. The former place was not suitable”, declared Donika Mici, a businesswoman.

The customs used to operate in a very small space that caused many delays and additional costs. Luan Bregasi says that this model should be taken as an example for the partnership between the public and private operators.

“If this investment would had been made by the state, it would have needed one year to collect the funds, one year for the tender, one year for the parties to accuse one another, and still it could fail. This model should encourage the entire political class, and let them trust more to the private businesses, which generates new jobs and investments, and creates a future for this country, declared Luan Bregasi from Business Albania.