Pliva opens new plant worth USD 100 million

Pliva opens new plant worth USD 100 million

The Pliva pharmaceutical company in Zagreb on Friday opened a new plant for the production of dry oral medications, worth more than US$100 million.
The new plant is expected to considerably increase the company's capacity for the production of pills and capsules and increase exports given that the bulk of products are intended for international markets, CEO Tihomir Oreskovic said at the opening ceremony.

The investment will enable the creation of 200 jobs and increase the production capacity of Pliva and Teva by 25%, or 2 billion pills annually. It will also include the construction of new plants, the transfer of the existing pilot plants for pill production to the newly-opened plant, and will considerably increase the capacity for the production of sterile medications.

Since the new plant will mainly produce medications for the US and EU markets, commercial production will start immediately after the approval of the US regulatory agency FDA and other regulators.

The main feature of the new plant is innovative technology and state of the art equipment, Oreskovic said, announcing that Pliva would invest US$20 million in the production of sterile medications.

Attending the ceremony was Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, who expressed hope that future investment projects would take less time to complete.

The Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds, Branko Grcic, said that the project showed that international and global companies were interested in investing in Croatia and that Pliva's plans for further investment indicated that Croatia had been recognised as a destination for valuable projects.

Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak praised the knowledge and business efficiency of Pliva's experts in carrying the investment project through. He said that Teva would never have invested in Croatia had it not had an efficient management in Pliva and a government that supported the investment.