Health minister invites Greek doctors to work in Turkey

Health minister invites Greek doctors to work in Turkey

Turkey is ready to welcome Greek doctors who are reportedly seeking jobs abroad, Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu said Oct. 27.

“Some 7,000 doctors in Greece are seeking jobs abroad. And we need them. [Turkey’s] doors are open to Greece’s 7,000 doctors. I invite them to serve this country and nation with their knowledge,” Müezzinoğlu said.

“Turkey used to take Greece as an example,” Müezzinoğlu said. “But since 2002, Turkey has begun to achieve far and far beyond what Greece succeeded [at doing].”

A statutory decree issued Oct. 2, 2011, permitted the employment of foreign doctors and nurses in Turkey, as new regulations on the working conditions were approved in 2012.

The regulations require foreign doctors to obtain a residence and a work permit, vocational liability insurance, as well as a certificate of equivalence from relevant state offices to demonstrate that their diplomas and other documents of expertise are in line with Turkish university standards.

Foreign doctors are obliged to receive a minimum score of “B” from Turkish language tests administered by universities’ Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centers (TÖMER) in accordance with criteria set forth by the European Language Portfolio.

The regulations are valid for all foreign health workers except dentists, pharmacists, midwives and nurses, according to reports.