Intel and ComTrade to make mobile phones and tablets in Serbia

Intel and ComTrade to make mobile phones and tablets in Serbia

John Davis, the director of global development program and the vice president of Intel, a technological leader that contributes millions to make developing countries part of the computer world, has visited the ComTrade company in Serbia.

Apart from the promotion of new technologies for improving the educational system, another reason for his visit is cooperation with ComTrade on the joint project entitled "Serbian Mobile Phones and Tablets" that should utilize Intel's hardware platform.

Dacic: Serbia on track to becoming regional IT leader

Serbia aims to become a regional leader in the IT sector and it is on the right track to achieving the goal in cooperation with major world companies, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said.

The Serbian government backed fast development of IT sector in cooperation with biggest world IT companies, Dacic said on Thursday in the talks with Deputy President of Intel company John Davis, the Serbian government Office for Cooperation with the Media released.

Dacic said that the government supports the cooperation between local companies and Intel in the development of the software industry and production of modern devices, and it is discussing projects of systemic education for students and pupils in Serbia.

Dacic expressed the belief that Serbia will manage to improve education in the sector in cooperation with Intel and other major world IT companies, states the release.