Book fair in Tirana

Book fair in Tirana

The 16th Book Fair has started today at the Palace of Congresses. The annual event brings this time 94 stands, 19 of them from Kosovo and 2 from FYRMacedonia.

The President of the Albanian Book Publisher Association, Petrit Ymeri, identified some of the main problems that the book world is facing this year.

They underlined the piracy which is suffocating the Albanian publishing, and also the publishing of school texts and the existence of several texts.

The Minister of culture, Mirela Kumbaro, declared that this is the time when we, more than ever, should turn our eyes to books and consider them as culture, not market goods.

“The Minister of Culture strongly supports the panel and its conviction that the culture of reading is one of those things that the Albanian society needs, a value that should never end. We should rebuild it now that it is in a weaker phase. My commitment is to establish a special meeting, which has been foreseen in our program. It will see books as culture, not market goods. For this reason, the government will work with the program and will create the National Book Center”, declared the Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro.

The fair will continue for five days until November 17th.