Digital signal covers 75 percent of Serbia's population

Digital signal covers 75 percent of Serbia's population

Rasim Ljajic, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Telecommunications, and Michael Davenport, head of the EU Delegation in Serbia, launched the signal of the expanded initial network in the process of the Avala Tower digitalisation.

Ljajic said that 35 broadcast locations were activated on Thursday, which means that the digital signal will cover around 75 percent of the country and the digitalisation process in Serbia should be completed by the end of 2014.

Funds need to be provided to procure equipment for the remaining digitalisation locations and two laws in the media sector need to be adopted - the law on electronic media and the law on public services - which constitute the legal foundation for the completion of digitalisation, he said.

Around EUR 35 million are needed for the completion of digitalisation instead of the previously planned EUR 75 million, he said.

Ljajic expressed gratitude to the European Commission for the financial, political and moral support.

Davenport said that the EU supports Serbia in the shift to digital broadcasting, and recalled that since January 2010, the EU provided over EUR 10 million worth of assistance, of which EUR 8 million were used for equipment procurement.

The sector is very important for the EU as well because the final deadline for complete transfer to the digital TV broadcast in the EU also expires on June 17, 2015, Davenport said.