HIV cases increase rapidly in Albania during 2013

HIV cases increase rapidly in Albania during 2013

In the first 11 months in 2013, 96 new cases of HIV infection have been reported in Albania, bringing to 671 the total number of persons diagnosed with HIV in the country, according to ATA.

The figure indicates an increase of reported HIV cases over the years in Albania.

"The last eleven months saw the highest number of HIV infections ever reported since the first case was detected 20 years ago in 1993 in Albania," Deputy Health Minister Klodian Repaj said on Saturday.

According to the deputy health minister, men are accounted for 70 percent of the total number of reported HIV positive cases and this ratio remained unchanged with the detection of new cases in 2013, with 66 men and 30 women diagnosed with HIV.

Almost 93 percent of the infections occurred through sexual route, attributed through unsafe sexual practices.

The World Aids Day will be observed on Sunday, Dec. 1, and a series of activities are scheduled to take place worldwide to raise awareness in the fight against HIV