Dubai investors to export Resen apples

Dubai investors to export Resen apples

Investors from Dubai will build a distribution center and freezer for apples in Resen. The initial investment will amount to EUR 5 million and open 100 jobs.

Businessmen from companies "Shafa Construction" and "DP World" have made their investment official after Friday's meeting with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

"Besides apples, we are also planning to enter the field of grapes, cattle breeding and exports in the Middle East. We are planning to invest EUR 5 million at first, while investments could reach EUR 20 million", said investor Abdushamakh Nasser.

Their first visit to Macedonia was in March and they have come across unexpected cooperation and doing business conditions.

"Our goal is not only to come, invest and make profit, but to be sure that the local population will have benefit and that we have good relations with them", added Nasser.

The firm, registered in Macedonia as "Apple Land", is to export in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen etc. The transaction for the land intended for the distribution center has been completed, whereas its construction and opening is expected by the end of next August