Shandong begins work on Corridor 11 at end of year

Shandong begins work on Corridor 11 at end of year

Officials of Shandong Hi-Speed Group from China announced in Obrenovac on Thursday the company would get involved in the construction of Corridor 11 at the end of the year.

Shandong has a contract with the Serbian government to build two motorway sections, between Obrenovac and Ub and Lajkovac and Ljig, all in central Serbia.

"The deadline to complete the construction according to the contract is 37 months, and officials of the company have assured us that work will begin at the end of the year. I think the start of the work is a very important thing for Obrenovac, because our workers will be involved as well," head of the municipality of Obrenovac Miroslav Cuckovic said.

Also, there is the possibility of future negotiations on constructing a railway from Obrenovac to Belgrade, he stated, according to a release from the municipality of Obrenovac.

The municipality of Obrenovac has finished all the technical preparations for the project, he noted.

Head of the department for property, legal and residential affairs Srdjan Milosavljevic said a meeting with Shandong engineers will be held next week.

"Next week, their engineers will say precisely where the construction will start and whether it would start in multiple locations. They are ready to start building in 2-3 weeks," he pointed out.