58 km of new roads built along corridors in Serbia

58 km of new roads built along corridors in Serbia

This year, 58.1 km of new roads were built along Corridor X and XI in Serbia, and works worth EUR 262 million were carried out from October 2012 to December 2013, Corridors of Serbia Director Dmitar Djurovic said on Friday.

At an annual press conference in the Serbian government, which was also attended by Minister of Transport Aleksandar Antic and Minister of Construction Velimir Ilic, Djurovic underscored that he is more than satisfied with the results, noting that the European average, as far as the construction of highways is concerned, stands at around 52 km per year.

During 2013, works worth EUR 262 million were conducted across Serbia at 223 construction sites in total, Djurovic added.

Minister Antic pointed to the strategic importance of Corridors X and XI, and announced that, regardless of the end of the construction season, works will continue into the winter wherever possible -on bridges, tunnels and other facilities.

Underlining that there are no major problems in the construction of Corridor XI, Minister Ilic said that the highway along Corridor XI will be completed before the deadline.