University graduates to undergo traning at Etihad Airways

University graduates to undergo traning at Etihad Airways

In collaboration with Etihad Airways, Serbia's national airline Air Serbia has launched a training programme in management for young university graduates in order to prepare them for joining its management team.

Eight young people from Serbia have been given the opportunity to join the first round of the programme, which includes three months of intensive theoretical training.

Based on their interests, they will be assigned to positions within teams at Etihad Airways.

The final three months of the training will be dedicated to business projects.

The training will take place at Etihad Airways' modern training centre, certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The training programme will enable graduates with degrees in management to understand all aspects of the aviation business.

Air Serbia CEO Dane Kondic noted that the training is another example of a partnership in which Etihad Airways is providing experience through its superior training capacities.