Dacic lays cornerstone of textile factory in Apatin

Dacic lays cornerstone of textile factory in Apatin

Serbia's Prime Minister Ivica Dacic laid in Apatin on Saturday the cornerstone of a textile factory owned by Flash Srb, which will employ over 200 people.

"The fundamental battle fought in Serbia, besides the difficult road we have to travel in EU integration, is the battle for each new job," he told the crowd, local officials and representatives of Flash from Italy, the parent company of Flash Srb, which invested more than EUR 26 million in the new factory.

Dacic hopes this first investment project in the Apatin industrial zone will lead to employment for hundreds and maybe even thousands of the local people.

He thanked the investors from Italy on choosing Serbia and Apatin.
"We have no tasks more important than to bring the economy up on stable feet," he stressed, adding that "every political goal we have can fail if we have great instability in the economy and big social issues in the society."

Serbia's greatest problem is high unemployment and the fact that 50 percent of young people do not have a job, he stated.

It is important to get over EUR 1 billion of foreign investments in Serbia in 2014 and to raise the GDP.

Apatin Mayor Zivorad Smiljanic thanked the head of Flash for the decision to invest in Apatin.