Reconstructed bridge opens to traffic on Friday

Reconstructed bridge opens to traffic on Friday

Serbian Minister of Transport Aleksandar Antic announced that the reconstructed bridge across the Danube near Beska will open to traffic on December 27.

During his Sunday's visit to the bridge site, where final construction works are in progress, Antic told reporters that the employees of "Mostogradnja" and "Putevi Srbije" will remove the protective fence as soon as the works are completed and so mark the end of construction of the highway leading from the Serbian-Hungarian border to the interchange near Batajnica. The planned works on Corridor 10 are also in progress, he added.

"The aim of the Serbian Government and the Ministry of Transport is to finally, efficiently, but within the required quality standards, and as quickly as possible, complete all infrastructure projects and build a network of highways, in order to defend Serbia's strategic position in this field,” Antic stressed.

International transport requires high quality highways, he noted, adding that for that reason Serbia must improve its competitiveness in the area.

The Government of Serbia will continue to insist on giving local companies an equal opportunity to participate in road construction tenders, as they proved their quality by building roads all over the world, he underlined.

Antic stressed that the Beska bridge will be open to traffic despite difficulties due to the bankruptcy of former prime contractor, Austrian Alpina,

The reconstruction of the old bridge near Beska was conducted by the local construction company "Mostogradnja", while Subotica-based "Vojput" built the access roads.

The value of works totals around 1.8 billion dinars (EUR1=RSD115).