World-renowned film school opens postgraduate studies in Ohrid

World-renowned film school opens postgraduate studies in Ohrid

Postgraduate studies in screenwriting in line with a program by the Prague-based Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) will be launched next year in Ohrid as part of the Goce Delcev State University.

FAMU has established this kind of cooperation with Macedonia for the first time. The idea dates back to 2008 and its realization was launched with the signing of a cooperation memorandum with the Education Ministry on setting up a mixed team. It will include FAMU dean Pavel Jech and Macedonian film director Ivo Trajkov, who also teaches at FAMU and serves as an ambassador of Macedonian culture to the Czech Republic.

Lectures will be held in English while the diploma will be jointly issued by the Stip University and FAMU.

Under the agreement, equipment for theoretical and practical classes need to be provided, an adequate premises in Ohrid should be found as well as professors, Education Minister Spiro Ristovski told a press conference on Monday.

"The programmes will be available not only to Macedonian students, but also to students in the region and beyond, having in mind the popular interest for these studies. It is expected Ohrid to become a regional center of FAMU," he stated.

Director Trajkov said that FAMU's diploma 'opens the doors of film industries around the world.' "The diploma will be identical to the one earned at FAMU, which is very important. The programme will be provided, guaranteed and controlled by the Prague film school," he added.

The Education Ministry and FAMU have been collaborating for three years providing scholarships for Macedonian students.

Formed in 1947, FAMU is the fifth oldest film school in the world. Many of its former students are award-winning authors, such as Milosh Forman, Milan Kundera, Jiří Menzel, Vaclav Havel, Lordan Zafranovic, Emir Kusturica, etc.