Malaria victims after 50 years

Malaria victims after 50 years

Malaria patients have appeared in Albania, with at least 50 cases this year at the Infective Diseases Clinic, mainly seasonal workers who return from countries that have been affected by this disease.

"This year we have treated 50 cases with malaria, and all of them are from citizens who work abroad. Certainly that we will have our own cases, after a source of infection gets spread", declared infectionist doctor Pellumb Pipero.

One young man from Vlore died from malaria this Wednesday at the infective clinic, while doctors ask for medicaments, since malaria has disappeared for decades from Albania and there is no medicine at hand. Patients have been obliged to bring their own medicine from abroad.

"Although we had forgotten about malaria, the Infective Service at the Mother Theresa Tirana University Hospital Center is doing everything possible to treat them, but we don't have the lab equipments to make the tests on time, because malaria doesn't wait, and then medicaments, which is not normal not having at hand", Pipero declared.

According to Pipero, Albania doesn't have a coordination between the Ministry of Social Welfare for the Albanian citizens who work abroad to be advised and checked before returning.