10 companies to implement HALAL standards with state financial assistance

10 companies to implement HALAL standards with state financial assistance

The Ministry of Economy in 2014 will fully finance 10 companies to implement HALAL standards, it was announced on Friday.

"Nearly 3.1 million denars are envisaged to be allocated next year to cover the expenses of 10 companies that plan to file applications at a public call issued by the Ministry of Economy for the implementation of HALAL standards," Economy Minister Valon Saraqini told a press conference.

He urged all interested companies willing to increase their import and expand their activities on third markets to apply at the ministry's call starting from January 27.

Saraqini mentioned that the ministry this year also singled out finances to cover expenses and consulting services involving the implementation of HALAL standards.

Alkaloid pharmaceutical company implemented HALAL standards in 2012, its CEO Zivko Mukaetov said.

"It is an added value for the company because it enables us to be present on markets in which Alkaloid has never been before," Mukaetov stated stressing the company's HALAL certificate paved the way toward promotion on markets in Arab countries.

The CEO of Makprogres Vinica, Gligor Cvetanov said the company had implemented HALAL standards in 2010 and had started importing in countries including Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine and Azerbaijan.

Eleven companies have implemented the HALAL standard in Macedonia so far.

The HALAL food market is one of the fastest growing in the world. The global market of HALAL products is estimated at 650 billion dollars annually and the European HALAL market at 66 billion euros per year. ba/13:40