Romania, Bulgaria wish to get European Commission's Okay to export again live pigs in EU

Romania, Bulgaria wish to get European Commission's Okay to export again live pigs in EU

Romania and Bulgaria wish to get the European Commission's agreement to have the possibility to export again live pigs in the European Union, starting with 2015, as for now the two countries could only sell pork and pork products to the European Union.

"The paramount problem we have discussed with our Bulgarian partners was the swine pest, since both us and the Bulgarians according to the European Commission's decision are capable to only sell pork and pork products from all the sanitary and veterinary authorized units and which fulfill conditions for the community area, less the live pigs. We made a proposition to our Bulgarian fellows to stage in Bucharest, this very summer, a joint working reunion and with the experts of the European Commission, to have unitary conditions as they've asked for, so that, starting with 2015 we could export live pigs as well to the community area", the chairman of the Sanitary and Veterinary National Authority (ANSVSA), Vladimir Manastireanu told Agerpres.

The animals' movement checking between the two countries and the hardening of the surveillance conditions of the swine pest, particularly at the borders with the third countries, are two significant aspects which are to be followed to get the Okay of the live pigs' export to the EU member states.

Following last week's talks in Ruse, Bulgaria, a joint Governments' reunion was decided, most probably in February or March 2014, when a general agreement on agriculture, but also certain separate technical protocols regarding the sanitary and veterinary issue, would be sealed.

"Likewise, if Turkey would give us its Okay for the export of live sheep and mutton and for the transit to third countries, we should set together with our Bulgarian colleagues the way the transit through Bulgaria will take place, the check they'll do at their borders and to the exit from Bulgaria to Turkey and everything that involves the export to third countries. We had a proposition to see each other every two months, either in Giurgiu, or in Ruse in order to pursue the implementation stage of the measures included in these protocols, after they are signed, and talk about the aspects of interest for both countries for a mutual support in Brussels on various projects", chairman Manastireanu explained.

According to him, as regards the sanitary and veterinary field in the Ruse meeting were also discussed certain aspects referring to the check of the cars coming to Romania loaded with fruit and vegetables from Turkey and the honey trade as well, in order to avoid fraud and illegal trade.