Swiss hygiene products company to invest in Bulgaria

Swiss hygiene products company to invest in Bulgaria

The Swiss producer of personal hygiene products "Trisa" is planning to build a production and logistics facility in Bulgaria.

The company has bought for the purpose 27 decares in the Sofia East industrial park, near Sofia.

The initial investment is reported to be worth EUR 2.5 M, according to the daily Capital.

"Trisa" has been selling its personal hygiene products and the Swiss army knives Victorinox in Bulgaria for nearly 20 years.

The Sofia East industrial park, with its 640 decares is planned as one of the largest warehouses, logistics and production complexes, but the economic downturn has slowed down the development.

So far the only company present there is the distribution company "Kaven Orbico", which has a 10 decare logistics center. The supermarket chain "Piccadilly" has bought 77 decares on which to build a logistics center.