Vucic opens new ComTrade software development centre

Vucic opens new ComTrade software development centre

Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic opened in Kragujevac on Tuesday the new ComTrade software development centre which employs 200 young experts.

Vucic promised that the government will try to provide assistance in IT development.

He said that the IT sector is an important industrial branch which needs investments in terms of funds and knowledge, but at the same time, IT companies need to develop their cooperation with schools and faculties.

Vucic noted that ComTrade pays the annual EUR 5 million worth of taxes to the government regularly and the salaries of the company's employees exceed the average wages in Serbia. He added that the company intends to employ 200 more experts by the end of the year.

ComTrade owner Veselin Jevrosimovic noted that the company employs 1,600 software engineers and added that today it opened the biggest software centre in central Serbia which employs 200 young experts.

“Having in mind the scope of work and the requests of foreign partners, the number of employees will double very soon,” he said.

Jevrosimovic noted that the centre produces sophisticated and complicated software solutions for the needs of major world companies such as HP, EMC and Balitron.

The new development centre covers around 1,000 square metres and the company intends to additionally increase the scope of software exports from Serbia.