Drilling of Igman tunnel on Vlakovo - Lepenica subsection on 5c Corridor completed

Drilling of Igman tunnel on Vlakovo - Lepenica subsection on 5c Corridor completed

Drilling of Igman tunnel, with length of about 330 meters on the Corridor 5C subsection Vlakovo – Lepenica was completed today.

The tunnel was drilled in only four months, despite all the challenges that were placed before the workers, announced the Public Enterprise Autoceste FBiH (FBiH Motorways).

“The work on the excavation of the Igman tunnel took place 24 hours a day in three shifts.

Several dozens of workers were engaged and heavy construction machines,” stressed Ensad Karić, director of the FBiH Motorways.

The tunnel was dug through the use of so-called Austrian method, the most comprehensive method in tunneling.

A particular challenge for builders represented the geological structure of the terrain.

From one tunnel tube alone, during excavation, approximately 33,000 cubic meters of material was dug.

Subsection Vlakovo - Lepenica, where there Igman tunnel is situated, is about 10 kilometers long.

The works on this subsection are performed by Turkish company Cengiz Insaat in partnership with a number of local construction firms (Euroasfalt doo Sarajevo, Hering d.d. Široki Brijeg, Deling d.o.o. Tuzla, doo, A3 d.o.o. Široki Brijeg, Butmir d.o.o. Sarajevo, and HP Investing d.o.o. Mostar).

The contract value amounts to about 350 million KM, of which domestic companies take up of about 200 million KM.

This subsection is part of Vlakovo-Tarčinsection, about 20 kilometers long. Until now, at this stage, along with Igman tunnel, tunnels Vis (formerly Grabosječ ), November 25 (formerly Suhodoll ) and Gaj tunnel all have been drilled.

The completion and opening of the entire Vlakovo - Tarčin section is expected for late summer this year, and it will complete the motorway link between Zenica and Tarčin.