Sarajevo Bypass In Operation Since 26 June

Sarajevo Bypass In Operation Since 26 June

FB&H company organized today a tour at the Sarajevo bypass, Sarajevo north -Sarajevo west for media representatives, prior to the official opening and putting into operation of 9 new kilometers of the road.

This part of Sarajevo bypass is also known as lot 3 and will be putted into operation by 26 June of this year, and reporters of have visited today this part of the road.

Lot 3 will connect the highway with the section under construction of Vlakovo -Tarčin on one side and Sarajevo north -Zenica south on the other side and by putting into operation this section will be possible to go from Zenica to Vlakovo via highway without entering the city of Sarajevo.

The construction of this section costs 36.8 million BAM.

This bypass will largely facilitate the traffic at the entrance of Sarajevo because for those who travel from the direction of Zenica to the direction of Mostar from 26 June will no longer have to enter in Sarajevo, in Stup.