Some private universities will be closed

Some private universities will be closed

Some private universities will be closed
The Ministry of Education has opened the “Pandora Box”. The boxes of 59 higher education institutions have not underwent any legal inspection during these 24 years, and there have been huge abuses through which hundreds of millions of Euros have been generated for a group of persons.

The Ministry of Education will close 17 higher education schools and six public university faculties, and will send to court every person who has violated the higher education law.

The first report of the experts who inspected 59 higher education institutions said that 70.5% of them does not fulfill the legal criteria. The Ministry of Education, Lindita Nikolla, declared that in many higher education institutions there are no registers of the students who have graduated from them.

“We cannot allow so many institutions having problems with the legal criteria. This is only the beginning”, declared Minister Lindita Nikolla.

Lawyer Plarent Ndresa declared that based on the legal violations, they have proposed to revoke the licenses of 17 institutions and suspend dozens of others.

“We will propose the Council of Ministers to remove the license of the Applied Studies in Durres, the Pedagogic Academy in Tirana, the Mother Queen Geraldine High School, the American University of Tirana, the International University of Tirana, the Professional College of Sports in Fier, the Illyria University, the Professional College “Argent” in Shkoder, the Private Professional College “Medikom”, the Elite University, the Planetary University of Tirana, the “Justiniani iPare”, “Medikadent” University, “Kristal” University, “Vitrinat” University, “Gjon Buzuku” in Shkoder and the “Construction Engineering Academy” in Tirana.

Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that this legal test showed the corruption of dozens of illegal higher education institutions.

“In a few years they have generated 32,000 private universities. We have 900 diplomas for foreigners when schools don’t offer any lecture in foreign languages. We have workers of these universities like painters or plumbers who have not been paid in money, but with diplomas. Some students have paid their diploma with cows, sheep, rice or even firewood. We have registers saying ‘the chief withdrew 10 diplomas’”, Rama declared.

The business with higher education will not only close, but those who are found guilty will be brought to justice.