Bosnet Company as the World’s First Producer of Halal Fish Food

Bosnet Company as the World’s First Producer of Halal Fish Food

Bosnia and Herzegovina could become one of the leading countries in Europe and in the world when it comes to production of fish feed thanks to a Samir Lagarija, head of the ”Bosnet” group, which was the first to obtain certification for production of halal food for fish.

They obtained the certificate in February 2014 and claim that this is proof that they make the food from the finest raw materials, as the world market already recognizes.

This enabled them to establish cooperation with the Jordanian, Malaysian, Russian, Chinese and the markets of the region.

In the interview for the Fena agency Lagarija said it is recognition of the work and originality of ideas. He believes that export is the country’s future, and that ‘Bosnet’ is a “locomotive that will attach to itself a range of local businesses and bring them to the market in Europe and the world”.

“We indirectly employ several thousand people, we encourage fish breeding, growing grains, raw materials that we need. We can buy all the wheat, corn, peas produced in BiH,” says Lagarija.

In the EU, only four countries produce fish that can cover their market, and the rest of them imports. Lagarija sees this as a great opportunity for BiH economy and states that “Bosnia” will continue to animate BiH producers to increase production capacity at its ponds. He is sure that significantly more than seven tons of fish, which is the case now, can be produced annually in BiH fishponds.

The “Bosnet” group, headquartered at the Technical Repair Bureau in Hadžići, employs 65 workers, and the plan is to employ 100 in the next two years. Their priority is exports outside BiH for faster and easier payments, which should result in the expansion of production capacity and recruiting of more people.

“I like it more when our man buys a kilogram of food than when we export a ton, it is the most difficult to prove oneself here. People are skeptical, thinking that we can not produce quality. We have to make a network to accept one another, it is the only way out,” stresses head of the ”Bosnet” group.

The food of the “Bosnet” group is used by 20 ponds in BiH, but before purchasing large quantities they demanded less amount for testing. Lagarija says that later they made permanent cooperation when they saw that a fish gains a kilogram in mass from a kilogram in food.

When it comes to the ideas to produce halal food for fish, he points out that he accidentally discovered that the protein in food for fish is dried pig’s blood. Instead of this protein ”Bosnet” uses fish meal, fish oil, pea and soy protein, and besides, it is necessary to fulfill a number of other parameters such as minerals and vitamins and storage of goods. The idea was welcomed by the Agency for Halal Quality Certification, which certified the.

“When we say that we have halal it means that we have the best quality raw materials. These products are not intended only for Muslims or Islamic countries, it is a link to quality,” he said.

More than 30 million BAM has been invested in the project, it has also been financed by loans for the most part.

“We bought nothing in privatization, we bought the building with loan funds, buit it one step at a time. We do not buy expensive cars and apartments, we invest in the company and create a richer environment,” Samir Lagarija, Head and owner of the “Bosnet” Group said in the interview for the Fena Agency.