Only in BiH the Prices of Fuel do not get Higher!

Only in BiH the Prices of Fuel do not get Higher!

Since yesterday midnight, the prices concerning all kinds of fuel in Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia are more expensive. The prices of fuel in BiH stagnate.

In the countries concerned, prices were more expensive for four to five cents per litre.

For the moment in BiH there is no announcement of a price increase, announced portal Lela Glibo, director of the Department for prices at the Ministry of Commerce of FBiH said that any request concerning increase in the price of gasoline and diesel did not arrive.

Glibo added that unlike previous weeks, requests about further reduce of prices are not arriving either, so prices will most likely stagnate for now.

Ministry of Economy of Montenegro announced that liter of Eurosuper 98 will be expensive for five cents and will cost 1, 15 Euros, while liter of “Eurosuper 95″will be four cents expensive and will cost 1, 11 Euros, announced Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG).

The price of Eurodiesel will jump by four cents, to 1, 02 Euros. Oil for wholesale and fuel oil for heating will increase by four cents, to 0, 99 Euros, respectively 0, 71 Euros.