New register of media to be introduced Friday

New register of media to be introduced Friday

The Business Registers Agency (APR) will introduce an up-to-date register of media on Friday.

The APR will feed in the data of the previous register into the new database, and the media, which have not registered with the previous record, will have a legal obligation to register their outlets within six months.

The new register will allow a public insight into the data and documents on legal and natural persons with more than five percent of shares in the initial capital and also the other outlets where these persons have over five percent share in the initial capital.

The register will display the data on subsidies and funds provided by the state bodies, local self-governments and public organizations or legal entities established or founded by the Republic of Serbia, the autonomous province or the local self-government.

The register will also provide average annual circulation figures, which will be entered every year by March 31 for the previous year.

As of Friday, the APR website will put on view new registration forms and instructions about the necessary documents for registration of the media according to the new Law on Public Information and Media, the APR released in a statement.