Serbian-language media in Kosovo at risk of closure

Serbian-language media in Kosovo at risk of closure

Many Serbian-language media in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) could soon be closed as they do not have enough support of donors from the international community, or from Belgrade, participants of a debate said in Kosovska Mitrovica on Friday.

Correspondent for Radio Belgrade Tanja Vujisic said that Serbian-language media are in a difficult position because of the small market and financial unsustainability, and voiced concern that, without financial assistance, only few will remain in northern Kosovo, in Strpci and Gracanica, where the Serbs constitute a majority.

Serb journalists in Kosovo have a problem with Kosovo's institutions who disregard the fact that Serbian is an official language, she said.

Biljana Radomirovic, a journalist with Belgrade-based broadsheet Politika, underscored that Serb journalists in Kosovo are working in tough conditions and under constant stress, sharing the fate of the people they belong to.

President of the Journalists' Association of KiM and correspondent for the Voice of America Budimir Nicic said that the Serb community does not have either a TV or radio with coverage in the entire territory of Kosovo, a news agency or daily.

RTK2, which operates as part of the public service broadcaster, is not an independent TV channel with the signal that would enable coverage in the entire territory of Kosovo, which, under the Constitution, the Serb community should have, Nicic underscored.