World Bank, 32 million EUR for improving health system

World Bank, 32 million EUR for improving health system

The Minister of Finances Shkelqim Cani, signed an agreement with the World Bank. An agreement that guarantees the necessary funding for the Health Improvement Project in Albania, through a 32.1 million EUR loan.

Sources at the Ministry of Finances say that the project will be co-funded by the Albanian government with 4 million EUR, 37% of the works restructuring the hospital infrastructure and for contributing in the tax obligations related to the project.

This loan and the cost covered by the Albanian government will reform the hospital sector, by creating a legal and managerial framework for offering efficient services, strengthening the management of performance and planning, surpassing the operation limitations and reinforcing the referral system.

The project also aims to improve the monitoring and management of the service quality, by establishing an all-inclusive health management information system (HMIS) and a management system for the maintenance of hospital equipments. The project supports the initiatives to reform the health funding in general, in order to improve the purchase and distribution system of products, for using medical equipments, for evaluating the enlargement possibilities of the universal health coverage, through a general taxing regime.

The agreement signed by Minister Cani and Tahseen Sayed from the World Bank will be implemented by the Health Ministry until February 28th 2021.

The Minister of Finances says this is the first time that the health budget in Albania goes beyond 400 million USD. Comapred to 2014, the nominal budget increase is 2.3 billion ALL, including the state budget transfer and the health insurance contributions, which have increased with 6% in 2014.

The Health Budget for 2015 is 2.8% of the GDP. In 2015 will be implemented a 365 day program for the basic free health checks for residents from 40 to 65 years old.