Three int'l banks ready to build Turkish Stream in Serbia

Three int'l banks ready to build Turkish Stream in Serbia

Three international banks are ready to fund the construction of the Turkish Stream section through Serbia, Srbijagas officials said Thursday.

A feasibility study for the proposed natural gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey is being conducted, and the total estimated value and the route of the project will be made public in May, said Srbijagas executive director Jovica Budimir at an energy conference in Belgrade.

Based on a preliminary study, the project participants will include Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, he said.

According to the preliminary plan, a large part of the submarine route of the South Stream pipeline will be used for the Turkish Stream. On land, the pipeline will run 100 km through Turkey, 304 km through Greece, 521 km through Serbia and 162 km through Macedonia, Budimir specified.

The old South Stream route and the route of the Turkish Stream will meet in the territory of Serbia near Paracin, he said.

One of the options is to construct both gas pipelines, said Budimir, explaining that instead of the four parallel lines, as planned earlier, two would go through Bulgaria as part of the South Stream and the remaining two would be part of the Turkish Stream pipeline.