BIH in Top 10 countries in the World in production from RES

BIH in Top 10 countries in the World in production from RES

According to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013 produced 16,302.55 GWh of electricity, of which 7123.62 GWh was produced in hydro power plants or 43.7 percent.

The rest of the electricity was produced by thermal power plants, and only 1.47 percent was produced in small and industrial power plants (including other forms of renewable energy).

The Center for Education and Raising Awareness for Energy Efficiency - Energis notified that the above listed results show that Bosnia and Herzegovina is among top 10 countries in the world in the production of electricity from renewable sources, which is a positive thing for the country and its citizens.

However, they points out that BiH has the potential for other forms of renewable energy - wind power, solar energy and biomass.

They remind that in the last few years a number of solar power plants have been put into operation, including biomass heating plants and one wind farm, and that several new projects for wind farms are in the preparatory phase.

The countries with the highest percentage of energy production from renewable sources: Norway 97.9 percent, followed by Brazil (77.1 percent), New Zealand (74 percent), Colombia (73.7 percent), Venezuela (68.8 percent), Canada (62 .7 percent), Portugal (62.5 percent), Sweden (53.2 percent), Bosnia and Herzegovina (43.7 percent) and Spain (40.8 percent).