Lower roaming prices in region as of June 30

Lower roaming prices in region as of June 30

The inter-state agreement on reducing roaming charges inked by Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia will come into force on June 30, Serbian Minister of Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic told Tanjug on Thursday.

Ljajic said that the goal is to equal the roaming prices in the region with the ones in the EU.

“What lies ahead are the talks with mobile network operators on the manners in which the prices may be reduced because we need to align with the EU directive on the roaming charges given that our prices of the Internet, SMS messages and calls are a few times higher than the ones in the EU countries,” the minister said.

“Anyhow, the roaming prices will be lower in these four countries as of June 30,” he added.

Ljajic also announced that the analogue TV signal will be switched off in the entire territory of Serbia as of June 7.

As many as 97.8 percent of Serbian citizens will receive the digital signal, which is more than the envisaged 95 percent, Ljajic underlined, noting that the whole process will be finished before June 17, which is the deadline set by the international community.