Domestic Jaffa Ltd. Launches Cherries to the Russian Market

Domestic Jaffa Ltd. Launches Cherries to the Russian Market

”Most of this year’s cherry harvest the company Jaffa-Commerce Ltd. Mostar will place on the Russian market, and we have interested buyers from EU countries as well, and even Dubai”, said the director of the Jaffa-Commerce company Nedim Badžak.

The family company Jaffa-Commerce Ltd., which is one of the largest producers of early fruits and vegetables in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this year as well is buying cherries, which are currently highly demanded. In addition to its own plantation of more than 6.000 cherry trees, the mentioned company has been working with more than 300 cooperants in Herzegovina in recent years.

“It was not until the last few years that we have managed to bring the placement of cherries to the level it deserves due to the fact that, at the moment the cherries ripe in Herzegovina, they cannot be found almost anywhere else in Europe”, said Badžak, adding that they were facing great challenges because of the insufficient capital investment in agriculture, the lack of export subsidies, and no adequate domestic and international programs for the targeted development of agriculture in B&H.

Badžak believes that it needs to be worked on the recognition of cherries from Herzegovina, on increasing productivity through a greater number of plantations or the introduction of new varieties, which differ from the traditional varieties in Herzegovina in size and resistance.

Namely, Jaffa-Commerce Ltd. in recent years invested more than a million BAM in cooling capacities, as well as the equipment that is necessary for the preparation of cherries for the distant markets. The plan is to raise new experimental fields, which also means new investments”, it was was announced from the aforementioned company.