Saudi Arabia back in Lebanon

A valuable chronicle of the Damascus and Beirut relations with Riyadh puts in perspective the new turn of Saudi Arabia’s relations with Lebanon. Civil war in Syria has created a whole new setting of power politics into practically all levels of Middle East forces. A US standoff with Russia is looming in a Gold War pattern but the most interesting and complex factor is the power politics played by regional players. The void left by Syria in Lebanon’s political scene is filled by the Saoudis a development that as the Author indicates has to do with the aftermath of the Syria civil war. Islamic forces in the region are some of the powerful new players Hezbollah, the Brotherhood and the pro Saoudi Salafist are positioning in all Arab countries that took part in regime rebellions and Saoudi Arabia is taken care not to find itself encircled by hostile regimes in the Future. Especially Jordan which is still ruled by a royal family has to be “monitored” not to fell under the Brotherhood influence.