What does the Egyptian army represent?

The Author ( a well known professor of Middle East studies) gives us an account of the political and sectarian balances of the region. The army intervention follows the spirit of the Arab spring namely more democratization and economic development. Morsi elected government turned more sectarian everyday and economic growth remained distant. People that felt the revolt would emancipate the large masses find their selves trapped to paternalistic backward ineffective government that imposes religion the way Moubarak imposed its rule. Since the resurgence of the Islamists, salafists and more extreme elements the idea of a political Islam that will be more prone for tradition The interests of the gulf countries were served by the regime in Egypt with Muslim Brothers in the Government and Tunisia with Enhada party as well.
The return of the initial popular reaction in favor of more freedom and rights could create concerns to the Gulf countries and produce more rifts aiding to the ones who are dominating today the in Syria.