Albania: 1% of companies own 50% of market

Albania: 1% of companies own 50% of market

A recent survey of the Institution of Statistics shows that only 1% of businesses have almost half of the activity in economy. These big corporates, mainly private but also public, like the Energy Distribution Operator, Energy Corporation, Albpetrol, etc.

INSTAT says Albania had 864 enterprises with more than 50 employees in 2014. These enterprises are only 1%, but their economic power is very big.

Instat says that these 864 enterprises realized 44.5% of the total sales, mainly in manufacturing. These businesses are also the biggest investors, with 64% of the total.

The tendency of figures is clear, there are giants in economy as in every other field. This financial super-structure, public or private, has most of the economic activity. In fact, domination by corporates is a global tendency.

A report of the World Bank in 2009 found that 53 government, 35 cities and 13 private corporates make 100 of the world’s biggest economic entities, and they keep growing.