Highways of FB&H presented the Project to Chinese Investors

Highways of FB&H presented the Project to Chinese Investors

At the recent summit of the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the People’s Republic of China and on the bilateral meetings with representatives of the Chinese Government, the Director of Highways of FB&H Jasmin Buco presented projects that could be funded by companies and banks from China.

Representatives of several Chinese companies expressed their interest in investing in transport infrastructure in B&H. Models of construction were considered through concessions and project partnerships. From Highways of FB&H are hoping that these presentations will show progress very soon.

These are five projects for new 107 kilometers of the highway sections in the area of Zenica, from Zepce to Doboj, the southern part of Corridor Konjic – Mostar – Buna, as well as the project of the construction of the road Lasva – Travnik. These projects are ready for construction in the new investment cycle from 2016 to 2018, according to the Highways of FB&H.

“Main construction project is currently in progress for 6 kilometers long section Zenica North – Nemila, while conceptual design and feasibility studies have been optimized last year, and the environmental permission was obtained. Three tunnels were projected at this section (Vraca, Zenica and Vranduk) as well as 6 bridges. Estimated value of the construction is amounted to 142 million EUR without VAT,” as stated from the Highways of FB&H.

Optimization of the conceptual design for the construction of 35 kilometers long section Konjic – Mostar North has been completed this year. Geological exploration and production of traffic surveys are taking place at the moment. The construction should cost around 536 million EUR without VAT.

“With realization of this projects, we would complete a total of 70 % of the Corridor 5c, which would take the transport structure and the general picture of B&H to a whole another level. By linking the road Lasva – Travnik with highway, we are getting the best connection in the central area of B&H with Central Europe and the Adriatic coast,” concluded from the Highways of FB&H.