Meeting in Tirana, new rules for Mediterranean energy

Meeting in Tirana, new rules for Mediterranean energy

It's the 20th meeting for Medreg, the body uniting the regulating entities for energy of the 21 Countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Hosted in Tirana, Albania, the event was an occasion to revue its two years of activity and put future themes on the agenda.

Issues such as the regulation of electricity in Morocco, the distribution of gas in Egypt, the consolidation of international cooperation on energy with players of the Euro-Mediterranean area, the spreading of basic principles for good practices on the subject in the entire southern region such as commercial meetings concerning gas and electricity, have already come to the fore.

The association, established in 2007 and recognised by the European Union, presented and discussed two important novelties; the first regards work in close cooperation between Medreg and Med-Tso, the association of operators of systems transmission on the Mediterranean, a four-step roadmap promoting growing integration between markets and network operators, with a fundamental technical contribution provided by interested countries directly.

The second point regards approval for the creation of a panel aiming to become a coordinator of sorts between Mediterranean countries and possible investors, with exchanges of information, which should provide solutions to the needs of North-African countries and at the same time give an indication on the great infrastructural projects already in the making.