Pyrforos, the Eco-friendly Car Inspired by Greek Mythology

Pyrforos, the Eco-friendly Car Inspired by Greek Mythology

Pyrforos, designed by a group of Greek students of Electrical and Computer Engineering School in the National Technical University of Athens - the Prometheus Team – is an experimental electric car, with extremely low energy requirements –thus, absolutely Eco-friendly.

The team was established in 2009 and has since participated successfully for seven years at the renowned European fuel saving contest Shell Eco-Marathon in the Netherlands.

In 2011, they built the 100% electric car "Pyrforos" (a name apparently inspired by Greek mythology and "Prometheus Pyrphoros", that is the Fire-Bringer). One of the team’s achievements was the acquirement of the "Best Team Spirit off-track award 2013" among more than 180 European contestants. The award was given to encourage and reward the Greek team spirit and hard work during the competition, as well as the assistance provided to other competing teams and the promotion of the Greek culture.

The vehicle gets adjusted every year to the safety requirements of the contest, while it simultaneously gets evolved and improved. In 2015, the team pioneered among other teams because they designed and built every single part of the car from scratch, without including any commercial parts. Furthermore, they created an innovative permanent magnet motor which proved to be advantageous. The car managed to run 487 km at the cost of one kWh beating its previous record.

The team achieved to rank in the 10th place among 50 participating teams in the category Prototype Battery Electric Car and became the first Greek team in the top ten in its category.