Diplomacy Open Days - Athens Summit

Diplomacy Open Days - Athens Summit

Association of International Relations Students hosts a career event featuring representatives from different areas within the field of IR. The purpose of the event is to show current and prospective students of the international relations (IR)domain the various career opportunities and paths available. AIRS Career Night will take place during Diplomacy Open Days and will feature speakers from a diversity of professions

Association of International Relations Interns has developed immersive education programs that teach about the world of diplomacy and the critical work of the diplomatic key factors These programs are designed to meet our goals of explaining the role of diplomacy past and present and of inspiring young people to become the next generation of leaders and citizen diplomats.

At the heart of our education programs is the diplomatic simulation. In this immersive exercise, students and teachers represent various stakeholder perspectives while engaging on a critical global issue such as financial crisis , environmental issues and other

The goal is for participants to work together, as opposing countries with competing interests, to negotiate common ground and propose solutions. The simulation engages participants in diplomacy .

The simulations are aimed to develop decision-making, problem solving, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, and allow students to grapple with vital foreign affairs topics. The simulation experience helps students to understand how diplomats work multilaterally to tackle tough issues while bringing diplomacy to life and illuminating its influence across the globe.

Diplomatic simulation programs include:
Workshops organized by the affiliate embassies based in Athens
(The final list will be announced by January 1st 2016)
Pre-conference regarding financial crisis in Europe and the role of diplomacy
Private meetings with diplomats for internship careers

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